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You Only Pay When The Reviews Are Successfully Removed.

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When You Need an Effective Ripoff Report Removal Service

Did you finish reading harsh criticism about your business on Ripoff Report? Whether it’s a wakeup call or 100% unjustified, having your name on the Ripoff Report consumer complaint website, can damage your business in more ways than you think. Sure, this website fights for unhappy customers everywhere, but it also doesn’t authenticate the negative feedback it publishes further than an email address.

Moreover, if a false scam complaint has targeted you, the Ripoff Report removal process can feel hopeless when the site itself says they won’t do it without an expensive court order. Fortunately, if you don’t know the first thing about how to dispute Ripoff report complaints against you, let Remove Digital rescue you from a reputation catastrophe. We have the unmatched know-how and expertise to help you remove inaccurate negative content that might even contaminate your search results. Count on us!

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Have visited Ripoff Report website

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Ripoff Reports has been filed


of consumers consult reviews on first before making a purchase

Why You Should Worry About Being on Ripoff Report

The harsh truth is having a customer complaint filed against your business on will haunt you. Harmful content on this website is known to rank high on Google, and other search engines for the business name searched. Sometimes even in the top three results on Google--even ahead of your official website. Having “rip off” and “ripped off” next to your brand is sure to make the very wrong impression.

Furthermore, even if the issue is false or has been resolved, the harmful content will remain. That is unless you find a proven Ripoff Report removal service immediately. Remove Digital is more than up to the task, so your business doesn’t lose money or its good name. On the other hand, if you wait too long to be proactive about Ripoff Report removal, you’re guaranteed to lose much of both. We’ll show you your best option on how to remove Ripoff Report negative content safely and effectively.

Painless Remove Ripoff Report Solutions

While the surefire way to keep your business out of Ripoff Report is to maintain excellent customer service and build a trustworthy name, we know unexpected claims are sure to pop-up. Unfortunately, if that negative feedback happens to be on, it’s sure to end up everywhere online such as your Google search results. Don’t worry--Remove Digital can help. We’re trained on all the Ripoff Report removal tools to save and rebuild your hard-earned reputation before it permanently damages your business. While Ripoff Report removal service takes a massive amount of work from creative, positive content to link building, trust Remove


Why can’t I just try to remove the content myself?

The chances are if you have landed on our site you probably have an appreciation that removing online reviews and content aren’t exactly as straightforward as you might have thought. We employ in-house Legal professionals, online defamation specialists, digital platform policy experts who specialise in digital removal assignments to design removal strategies and submissions that lead to permanent removals.

What type of content can you remove?

We can have a crack at anything, however we take care to understand the context and nature of the review and make a realistic assessment as to whether the content can be removed

What is the process of removing the content?

We assess the content, the platform that is posted on and we design a well analysed content removal action plan. A majority of our work involves detailed submissions and applications to review platforms and liaising with them on a constant basis throughout the removal process. Depending on the nature of the content we will deploy different strategies within our submissions to increase the likelihood of a removal. Based on our experience all removal requests require several, sometimes up to ten plus submissions for it to be removed. We liaise with platforms and forums on a daily basis so we understand what works and what doesn’t.

What’s the price for the content to be removed?

We have different pricing for different types of content and depending on the level of difficulty we will provide you with an obligation free quote. We don’t charge anything until the content is removed

Is this permanent removal or is it just content suppression so it is not as obvious for people to see?

We specialise in permanent removal. We always start there and if all avenues have been exhausted we will advise other reputational management strategies you can adopt.

How long does the process take?

Some content only takes 24 to 48 hours to be removed but sometimes it can take weeks up to months depending on how fast the platform responds. This is on a case by case basis

What happens if I have tried to remove the content myself and it is unsuccessful? Have I just ruined the chances of removal?

The short answer is no. Sometimes it can be a little more tricker when we step in if multiple attempts have already been made but based on our experience it is still possible to get content and reviews removed.

What happens if I have already responded to the content? Can it still be removed?

We don’t advise responding to the content if you want the content to be removed. By responding you are acknowledging the legitimacy and existence of the content and different platform algorithms have different interpretations of this. We advise you to remove your response while we are working on your removal assignment. If by any chance the review is not removed you can always respond to the review at a later stage.

Are you going to reach out to the reviewer?

No, we do not reach out to reviewers unless we have your permission. Part of our standard process we do not adopt this approach as it is often unnecessary

How does the Refund Process Work?

If all possible removal avenues are exhausted and permanent removal seems impossible we will provide you with alternative online reputation management strategies to consider. At this stage If you would like to stop the process then we will refund you the full deposit. We ask for at least 90 days before you apply for a refund. 

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