Wikipedia and Brand Reputation: A Guide

Wikipedia has a major influence on a company’s online reputation due to its ubiquity and perceived reliability as an information source. Both positive and negative content on Wikipedia can significantly impact brand perception.
Many view having a well-managed Wikipedia presence as necessary for search engine optimization, increasing website traffic, and promoting brand awareness. However, Wikipedia’s “nofollow” links offer little SEO value.
Contributing high-quality content to Wikipedia following best practices can help manage reputation, but removing negative content can be risky.
There are best practices for developing and maintaining Wikipedia pages to improve reputation. This includes providing neutral, factual info with citations, not overtly promotional content.
Overall, brands need a thoughtful Wikipedia strategy focused on making pages comprehensive, accurate reflections of the brand rather than solely promotional. Handled correctly, Wikipedia can be a reputation asset.

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that allows people to create and edit articles. It is one of the most popular websites in the world and has a significant impact on brand reputation.

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